Development Support and access to Closed-Alpha

Welcome to Reloaded!

Message form the Developer:

 First of all, thank you for your interest in supporting the development of Hackerz Reloaded.
If you are one of the few people watching my live streams, you would have noticed that the game development is ongoing, and that multiple milestones have been already passed.
You probably already noticed that the game will be massive, with many features and possibilities, which means a lot of work to maintain and upgrade!. For those reasons (and many more) your support is required!.

You get the "Alpha supporter pack" when you purchase the Early Access Pass:
(valued about 80 EUR if the limited items were for sale as regular items)

  • Name in Alpha supporters hall of fame
  • Alpha badge
  • 5 Months highest tier Membership (premium)
  • Limited Drone (Alpha supporters only)
  • Limited Avatar (Alpha supporters only)
  • Limited Name Prefix (Alpha supporters only)
  • Limited Weapon (Alpha supporters only)
  • Permanent extra upgrade slot
  • Priority Support
  • Instant access to the closed Alpha version. Which is the development version. With possibility to vote on features/changes that are planned during the development and possibility to provide tips on how to smooth the user experience.
  • Some supporters will be featured in dev live streams, with possible Q&A over video in live stream!
* Limited items will not be available for anyone else in the game, and will NOT be trade-able with other players.

How to become a supporter:

  • Currently only login with Google is supported (more will come in the final version) so you must have a google account on your android phone.
  • Be at least 18 years old, with technical background.
  • Good english language
  • You MUST understand that during Alpha development, for technical reasons (speeding up development and testing players progress for balancing) all game progress will be periodically deleted, forcing everyone to start from scratch.
  • Knowledge in crypto-currency as only Dash will be accepted (Save time on implementing other payment methods, cut on transaction fees and 3rd party fees, make sure only technical people join the alpha-development server)
The seats are limited, and to register to the game you must have a google account (Login via Google on Android).
Access to closed-Alpha costs 0.350 Dash, non-refundable. To proceed, please enter the GMAIL account that you will use to login on your mobile. You will receive your Dash payment address. Once you send 0.350 or more Dash to the address (with at least 1 blockchain confirmation), you will be able to register and join the game instantly.